Thursday, 16 December 2010

Recreate Fitness

Recreate Fitness

Around October of 2009 while recovering from an injury I incurred at 100 in the Hood I was introduced to this unique Portland, Oregon gym named Recreate Fitness by my wife Erica.  After choosing some initial one-on-one training Erica then moved on to some of the group classes.  She continually came home and told me about the creative crossfit-type style and focus on technique that owners Nathan and Tina Jeffers prioritize.

I decided to check it out myself with the intention of building a nice solid foundation while gradually upping my running mileage.  Right from the get-go I was intrigued by the complexity of movements and exercises and realized that I could use a little firming up in lacking areas. What I started realizing was that I was getting very strong (something greatly needed in ultra running) and that my injury had completely disappeared.  So I kept going to the classes which are offered at many different convenient times (See schedule HERE) and simultaneously started increasing my running.  Long story short I went on to have a strong and very successful running season...actually my best one yet....and I feel that building a base at Recreate aided me in that process.

So fast forward to December 2010 and after taking a month of down time from running to repair and recuperate I thought of how I was going to get back into shape for hopefully another stellar season.  It didn't take long for the light bulb to come on and for me to head on down to the gym which is located on NW 19th Ave here in Portland, Oregon.

Some of the things I like best about this gym are:

  • Class structure (warm-up, skill, and workout...see blog for examples)....and...Creative exercises (I like to call it incidental exercise because sometimes you don't even realize you're working out till the next day when you're super sore!  (i.e. shaking large ropes, throwing large sand bags, walking around on your hands w/ a wheel attached to your feet, etc.!)
  • Friendly and committed owners and trainers who are there working with you and encouraging you with tips and motivation.
  • I like the fact that you can make every workout as easy or as difficult as you want it to be...Your choice!
  • Great sense of community in the gym between members, owners, pets, kids, etc. (we've brought our baby Farah to the gym a handful of times!) and they even do get-togethers outside of classes such as "movie night".
  • Full body strength and endurance workouts focusing on technique, form, and strength of core.  Perfect for any athlete!
After working out there the past few weeks I have noticed an increase in strength and it really kick-started my training.  I'm really looking forward to getting back to Portland after the holidays to continue my training at this thriving little gym.  They even started a mobility class which I think is great for runners which I will probably take at least once a week.  So if you are in the area and want to break out of a workout "rut" then you should join me down at Recreate Fitness.  Hope to see you there!
Click HERE for website information, etc.

(feeling the burn at Recreate Fitness!)


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