Dave Terry Memorial in Forest Park (Portland, OR)

Dave Terry Memorial in Forest Park (Portland, OR)

Although I never met Dave Terry personally I know many people who were quite close with him and I have heard stories about his character and accomplishments in the sport of ultra running.  A couple weeks ago when a friend of mine (ultra runner and Chuckanut's race director Krissy Moehl) was in town we went on a run together in Forest Park.  We chatted about many things including the fact that recently a memorial piece was placed in the park for the long time Portland trail runner.  I wasn't able to take her to the site of the memorial at that time but promised I'd get some pictures/video before this year's race.  Today was the perfect day with the sun shining bright and not a cloud in the sky.  I took my camera along with me on my tempo run through the expansive park that I love so much.  

The memorial is nestled just off the intersection of Leif Ericson and Nature Trail right on the bank of a little stream.  The timing was perfect as the sun was shining through the moss covered trees.  Even though I didn't know Dave I thought about him for a few moments before finishing off the rest of my run.  

The writing on the plaque reads:

"May you have an epic run, my friend.---In memory of ultramarathoner, Dave Terry"

I'm planning on heading up to Washington for Chuckanut 50k in a few weeks which is a great race that is dedicated to Dave.  You can read more about both the race and the long time ultra runner by clicking HERE.


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