Sunday, 19 October 2008

Back to the Roads

After a wonderful summer running and racing through the forest trails I'm afraid to say it is quickly coming to an end. I tried a trail run Saturday and couldn't believe the amount of leaves covering the trail. I even went off route a couple times not to mention sketchy footing with the leaves blanketing the roots and rocks. Also, it is a time in Central New York when the hunters start encroaching looking for prime spots. That said... I've been racking up some miles pounding the pavement.

Miles for the week: 70

Monday= 6 miles around SUNY Cortland campus
Tuesday= 6 miles down Warren Rd. to Asbury and back
Wednesday= 6 miles around SUNY Cortland campus in morning; 5 miles on Tri for the Y course in evening
Thursday= 9 miles down Warren Rd., Farrell and Asbury loop
Friday= 11.5 miles through Ellis Hollow
Saturday= easy 9.5 miles through Cayuga Trail, Pink Trails and plantations
Sunday= 17 miles through Ellis Hollow to the end of Thomas Rd. back to Wildflower parking lot w/ Michael W. (5 miles in the middle of our run at a 6:05 pace)

I filled out an application to get on Team Inov-8 this weekend so we'll have to wait and see what happens there. It would be an honor to be a part of their team as I enjoy their products. I was asked to put down a race plan for 2009 and already have my eye on some pretty exciting ultras! We've been gearing up for one last winter here in Ithaca and will definitely miss the change of the seasons as we prepare our move to the Portland, OR. area.

Like Coach Weber says..."Only 73 days left in the year...make it count!"


From the time I could stand upright I was chasing soccer balls around with older children at the fields where my father...

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