Back In The Saddle

Back to running regularly and actually threw in a quality speed workout run this past week. I am so pleased about how fast I have recovered. The change of the season is beautiful but I noticed a few hunters out in the woods yesterday. I guess I'll be transitioning into more road running. I've also been incorporating a daily yoga and stretching routine which has helped out immensely.

Miles for the week: 51

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 20 mile bike ride commuting from my apt. to Cortland w/T. Bryant
Wednesday: 5 mile run in morning around SUNY Cortland campus; 5 mile run in evening on Tri-for the Y course
Thursday: 10 miles from Island Health Club down Black Diamond Trail w/ Cass Park add on
Friday: 3 mile warm up- 4 miles at 6:08/mi. pace- 3 mile cool down behind airport
Saturday: 9.5 miles through Buttermilk and Ithaca College with Finger Lakes Running Company crew
Sunday: 11.5 miles on Abbot Loop and Danby's Down and Dirty course with Karen G. and Dave J.

We're looking forward to this Saturday at Canadaigua's 50-mile relay. There are some tough hills but after Iroquois I think Michael and I can handle them.

Quote of the week: "Nothing will work unless you do"--John Wooden 


From the time I could stand upright I was chasing soccer balls around with older children at the fields where my father...

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